Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153.SH

    Stock Code: 600153.SH

    C&D Supply Chain Logistics and CTS International Hold Joint Venture Launch Meeting

    Date: 2023-06-20 | Source:C&D Inc.
    On the afternoon of June 19, Xiamen C&D Supply Chain Logistics Technology CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as C&D Supply Chain Logistics), a wholly-owned subsidiary of C&D Inc. (600153.SH), and CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as CTS) held a joint venture launch meeting in Xiamen C&D International Building. Zheng Yongda, Chairman and Party Secretary of C&D Inc., Lin Mao, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of C&D Inc., Chen Yu, Director and General Manager of CTS, Jiang Bo, Vice General Manager of CTS and related leaders of both sides attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

    Lin Mao, General Manager of C&D Inc. first delivered a speech at the ceremony. He said that the global service network of CTS is highly consistent with the strategic needs of internationalization of C&D Inc., and the professional and pragmatic spirit practiced by CTS is also matched with the concept of Together Go Beyond advocated by C&D Inc. In the future, it is hoped that the joint venture company can combine the resources and capabilities of both sides, integrate high-quality logistics resources, and link more high-quality partners to jointly build a symbiotic and win-win supply chain logistics ecosystem, thus becoming a leading logistics brand in the industry.

    Chen Yu, General Manager of CTS reviewed the cooperation between both sides in recent years, and pointed out that the successful cooperation experience and the appropriate corporate culture make both sides full of confidence in jointly facing the potential global market. He expressed the hope that both sides could take this opportunity to deepen collaboration, integrate mutual trust, and steadily move forward on the road of capitalization and industrialization.

    After the speech, the leaders of both sides had in-depth exchanges on cooperation prospects, logistics investment and other topics, and signed a joint venture agreement. According to the agreement, CTS will hold 51% of the shares, and C&D Supply Chain Logistics will hold 49% of the shares. The joint venture company is mainly engaged in the international supply chain logistics operation business of bulk commodities and consumer goods, aiming to improve the independent and controllable ability of industrial chain supply chain enterprises in the field of global commodity supply chain logistics, and ensure the stability and security of supply chain business.

    Taking this meeting as an opportunity, the cooperation between C&D Inc. and CTS will enter a new stage, and both sides will jointly promote the improvement of the joint ventures international supply chain logistics operation capability and promote the leapfrog development of the main business of both sides.