Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153.SH

    Stock Code: 600153.SH

    C&D Inc. and Fisker Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

    Date: 2023-09-08 | Source:C&D Inc.

    On September 8, at the “Signing Ceremony of Fujian Key Investment Projects” at the 23rd China International Fair for Investment and Trade, Xiamen Free Trade Commission, Huli District People’s Government and C&D Inc. (600153.SH) jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Fisker, an American electric vehicle manufacturer.

    According to the agreement, Xiamen Free Trade Commission and Huli District People's Government will provide Fisker with relevant policy support; Xiamen Kingland Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of C&D Inc., will be responsible for the implementation and promotion of specific business, and provide integrated parts procurement and other supply chain services for Fisker; Fisker will set up a wholly foreign-owned subsidiary in Xiamen and carry out new energy vehicle supply chain, new energy vehicle delivery and other businesses. All parties will give full play to the advantages of policies, talents, technologies and industrial chains in the field of new energy vehicles to promote the development and cutting-edge layout of the new energy vehicle industry in Xiamen and the whole country.

    After the signing ceremony, both sides held talks on the details of cooperation. Fisker has leading new energy vehicle development, design capabilities and brand influence in overseas markets. In order to achieve strategic goals such as capacity expansion and market development, Fisker needs to ensure a stable supply of upstream auto parts and raw materials. Meanwhile, Kingland has the ability to integrate the advantages of the automobile industry chain, and can provide high-quality and efficient supply chain operation services. With the help of this signing, both sides will build consensus to deepen cooperation on the integrated procurement of auto parts and the sharing of advantageous resources in the new energy industry.

    Looking forward, C&D Inc. will continue to give full play to the advantages of supply chain operation, accelerate the international layout, continue to deepen the green low-carbon industry represented by new energy vehicles, integrate the superior resources of China's new energy industry, create long-term sustainable value for global customers, and help the "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" goals to be realized as soon as possible.