Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock Code: 600153.SH

    Stock Code: 600153.SH

    C&D Corp. Hosts 2023 Xiamen Free Trade International Wine Festival

    Date: 2023-09-23 | Source:C&D Inc.

    On September 22, the opening ceremony of 2023 Xiamen Free Trade International Wine Festival (hereinafter referred to as “Wine Festival”) was held at Xiamen International Wine Trading Platform.

    This Wine Festival was guided by Xiamen Free Trade Zone Management Committee and hosted by Xiamen C&D Corp., Ltd., parent company of C&D Inc. (600153.SH). As a core liquor operating member of C&D Consumer Goods Group, C&D Happywine was invited this event.The signing ceremony of “Xiamen Free Trade Zone Digital International Wine Platform Merchants” was held at the event, and representatives of a number of wine merchants officially entered the Xiamen Free Trade Zone digital international wine platform.

    Xiamen International Wine Trading Platform is built and operated by C&D Corp. As the first multi-functional trading platform for imported wine industry chain in Xiamen, it relies on the innovation policy of Xiamen Free Trade Zone, links all kinds of industrial advantages, and provides high-quality professional services. C&D Happywine, as the first batch of enterprise to enter the platform, takes advantage of supply chain operation advantages and resource integration capabilities to provide one-stop services such as full-category wine industry information integration, LIFT supply chain services, online display sales, and digital channel connection for the wine enterprises in the industry, and jointly promote the digital upgrading of the wine industry with other enterprises.

    Looking forward, C&D Consumer Goods Group will continue to optimize service content, gather resources from all parties, provide more quality services, and actively deepen communication with partners to help business development and achieve win-win results.