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    Supply Chain Operator

    Stock code: 600153.SH

    Client: ZDP
    Date: 2020-01-16 | Source:C&D
    ZDP is a national high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the steel pipe manufacturing industry, ranking China’s Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises. Developing at a high speed, ZDP imposes higher requirements on raw material supply and warehousing management, and product distribution.
    Relying on the advantages of strategic cooperation with major domestic steel mills, C&D Metal have rapidly integrated upstream resources and broadened procurement channels, and quickly allocated raw materials at low cost from steel mills with stable production capacity, so as to stabilize the supply to ZDP to ensure the production work. 
    C&D Metal creatively put forward the “self-managed warehouse” model, reasonably planning the procurement and allocation of raw materials according to the production plan. Through the improvement of the system and the continuous exploration of refined management, ZDP have realized the transfer of raw material strip steel according to a single specification. The self-managed warehouse model, with flexible allocation and rapid response, saves nearly 80% of the logistics warehousing cost at the purchasing end for ZDP, greatly reduces the inventory pressure.
    Besides, C&D Metal has given full play to the advantages of the national layout, integrated logistics resources, reasonably planned the use of freight logistics, sold ZDP’s products to the western region, and quickly opened up the local market. It makes ZDP important support for a number of major construction projects in the western region.
    C&D Metal has been engaged in the iron and steel industry for many years, with operating outlets and logistics warehouses distributed all over the country, serving a number of leading enterprises in the upstream and downstream industries all year round. Adhering to the concept of “integrating resources and creating added value”, C&D Metal goes deep into every detail of customer operation, and integrates upstream and downstream high-quality products and channel resources for customers, so as to play the role of supply chain lubricant to create more value-added opportunities and value for customers. 

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