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    Supply Chain Operator

    Stock code: 600153.SH

    Client: CNI24
    Date: 2020-01-17 | Source:C&D
    Fuqing "Hua-long Pressurized Reactor 1000" is the worldwide debut of China's 1GW nuclear technologies. As an essential paradigm project, it allows no mistake. Nuclear power is a major strategy to satisfy China's electricity demands, optimize energy structure and guarantee energy safety. Deeply aware of the significance of this project, China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CNI24) imposed very high technical and inventory requirements on supply chain operators to guarantee success of the project. 
    Through stringent screening and evaluation, CNI24 finally selected Shanghai C&D Materials as its supply chain operator and partner in the honoring the mission of developing the "pillar industrial work of China". During the project cooperation, Shanghai C&D Materials considered not only the range of available steelworks and the material costs, but also the transportation, warehousing and other general costs and formulated an optimal procurement scheme. Shanghai C&D Materials have substantially reduced the procurement costs of the project, guaranteed the quality of steel supplies for the nuclear power project and controlled the total costs. 
    Meanwhile, Shanghai C&D Materials have also considered the production and construction conditions and proposed a more reasonable schedule of procurement with reference to the construction requirements and the steelwork's production plan. Based on the stringent inventory management requirements, Shanghai C&D Materials managed to perform secondary optimization, further increase the turnover efficiency of inventory and help CNI24 to realize capping of "HPR1000" 15 days in advance and complete the project successfully. At the end of 2016, China Nuclear Industry honored Shanghai C&D Materials as its outstanding partner. 
    Shanghai C&D Materials go deeper into each and every detail of our customers' operational stages, deliver LIFT supply chain services continuously beyond the expectations of customers and explore the potential opportunities of adding value at various stage of supply chain operation.

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