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    Supply Chain Operator

    Stock code: 600153.SH

    Client: ELANCO
    Date: 2020-01-17 | Source:C&D
    Elanco is a leading professional animal healthcare company in the world. The main products of Elanco, animal healthcare products, are very sensitive to temperature, humidity, and other environmental indexes. Any slight changes may affect product quality.Therefore, Elanco have very strict standards for product storage environment, safety management and quality control.They also have a very high screening threshold for supply chain logistics partners.
    As the first and only third-party logistics integrated service provider of Elanco in China, C&D Logistics continues to conduct in-depth research, plan and implement a full set of temperature control transformation projects,and realize constant temperature and humidity control of two temperature control zones in a large warehouse area of 4,500 square meters.
    The unique intelligent automatic control system in the warehouse can effectively control the temperature difference between cold and hot spots within 5℃. The self-designed fan automatic start-stop program,on the premise of ensuring the temperature and humidity control requirements,can also greatly reduce the energy consumption,and continue to effectively reduce the operating cost.
    Besides,Elanco exerts extremely high requirements on global quality audit standards. C&D Logistics has established a project-specific quality management system and corresponding standard operating procedures according to the characteristics of the project,which are constantly optimized and updated.The ERP systems of both sides have also been connected to achieve high efficiency and low risk in operation.The project has successfully passed the double audit of national GSP(Good Supply Practice for Pharmaceutical Products) and EGQCA(Elanco Global Quality Compliance and Auditing) within one year.
    The refined operation management of C&D Logistics has also helped Elanco increase the storage capacity by 71% and the upper limit of daily operation capacity by 80% in the same storage area, which has truly achieved cost reduction, efficiency increase, and value-added service.

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